Some pics of our AMAZING food and SIGNATURE drinks

Our alcohol infused kitchen is catered to the palates of everyone who is trying to get a taste of home but pumped up to another level of culinary perfection!!! We brainstormed countless hours and figured out how to make bring beer, wine or liquor to everydish. Yuengling Infused Ground Beef!!!! Ketel One infused Bloody Mary Shimp Cockail!!! Chardonary infused Olives Stuffed with Blue Cheese for your Dirty Martinis!!! Knobb Creek Bourbon Blueberry BBQ Chicken!!! Seared NY Strip Marinated and Cooked in Yuengling Lager and topped with Onions and Mushrooms with a Merlot Balsamic Reduction!!!  Are you Hungry yet???


Thank you, and can't wait to serve you,

Bobby Hendrix